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Now That You Are A NOBODY (A Must Read)


Now That You Are A NOBODY (A Must Read)

admin September 5, 2018

Life is what it is. It takes us all prisoners and never gets to release us until we are of no use to ourselves. How do I mean you may ask? We never learn our lessons and go to the grave with lessons not applied to good use.
Life is made up of the Haves and the Have-nots. Heaven help you if you belong to the later class. You are simply a nobody. And the best way to figure it out is in the way and manner people relate with you.
It makes me laugh hard when people genuflect all over the rich and begging to do their bidding albeit stupid and unreasonable. Funnier is the fact that nobodies are their own worst enemies. Poor people are that horrible. The rich look down on you and you take yourselves through the gutter by gossiping about one another and not only that, you envy each other for nothing just because your state of mind as created by your class has fashioned you irredeemably.
Now that you are poor, you’ll notice you are treated the following ways by both family and friends and neighbours:
*No one calls you. It took you years to save to buy the cheapest China-made handset believing that your family and friends will stay connected with you, but no, not in your life. They call you after hissing their end of the call so you’ll come and serve them.
*No one respects you. You are looked down on and talked down on. What can you do about it but to sulk and go find local gin and hang your life on it till you are wasted?
*Your mind does a number on you even and makes you start to believe that God Himself has abandoned you. You feel so God-forsaken.

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