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Reasons Why People Show Interest In You


Reasons Why People Show Interest In You

admin September 5, 2018

To start with, it is self-deceit to assume you are the best news after sliced bread. To you, yes, you are that, but to the guy or lady smiling at you whenever your paths cross, you are his/her next meal ticket or heartthrob.
It all boils down to Selfishness. Man by nature is stringed with nerves of self. He first of all thinks about himself before bothering with your needs and desires.
You mean nothing to anybody other than a ladder to such a person’s progress in life. Some people are rich enough to buy your professionalism while others are cunning and broke and therefore, manipulate you into believing you are that indispensable.  
We all show interest in others either to seek HELP or LOVE. So when people are singing your praises, don’t take it to heart, find means to exploit them to your advantage because that is exactly what they are doing with you in their company.
Or what else are you looking for in people?

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