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What It Feels Like To Not Feel Your Father’ Love

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What It Feels Like To Not Feel Your Father’ Love

admin September 13, 2018

“No love is greater than that of a father for his son” Dan Brown
Be you girl or boy, you still need the flame of such love as we all desire from our parents. No love is as exciting and fulfilling like the love your father throws your way. It brings and develops in you that sense of self-esteem. You become a quintessential confident man or woman.
You may argue with me that mother’ love is stronger and more binding, but the fact of the matter here is that even your mother works hard to earn her husband’ love who here is your father.  
Fathers who understood their power over their family members use it to their advantage, but sometimes, they walk the path of favoritism as a destination that leaves room to future areas of conflict between and among his children when there is no mother to harness the strength of her undying love for her children especially.
Now, when a father realizes that he has that disgusting ability to manipulate his children and lure them into bickering one another knowing that it all works to his advantage, it makes the unloved of their fathers feel miserable. They look on as their father destroys his own family. Some of them who in their hearts having seen that such fathers as they have are toxic and crafty, would begin  to commit their sick family into God’s hands. Families are fragile these days you know? Coupled with the level of poverty walking every sphere of our national life, love is the greatest victim and we all are her victims.
Such unloved of their fathers will equally begin to map out strategies to help cement the love their family members have for one another. Resentment sets in too and you do your best to push off such a father out of your life. The problem is this, when this father who pretends to be godly works hard to stem the tide of one’s attempt to bring back love to their family because this father here wouldn’t function in an atmosphere of love, you will strike back at him. But you know that love brings light which ultimately leads to spiritual and financial empowerment for all in the family, you impression your mind to push harder on finding love. You may see your bespoke effort to let love rule the lives of every member of your family being thrown into the gutter and you go about being bitter until you realize that bitterness is not working, you then retrace and rearm yourself with better strategies that are result-oriented.
Are you today in such a mess as not being loved back by family members most especially your father, I want you to know that when your father rejects you by being hateful towards you, there is a father in God. You will always hurt quite alright, but God whom you have made your earthly father is there to fill up the yawning gap in your love life.

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