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What It Means To Be Possessed By “Whitewashed Awesomeness”

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What It Means To Be Possessed By “Whitewashed Awesomeness”

admin September 13, 2018

a snap leads to domestic violence
Being caught up in life with a character trait that sucks big time on the emotions of people around you which unfortunately or fortunately you are oblivious to such a trait being such a turn-off to them is not bliss. Okay. It is blissful to you when you don’t care a hoot about your feelings and poor understanding of what works in you that grates the nerves of your family, friends and fiends alike. But nothing makes it right when you live your life to please yourself alone, but haven’t it been said that one should live to please himself alone? Oh no! Not in that regard today.
I started by digressing seeing that I took it for granted that you already know what whitewashed awesomeness is all about. Now, let’s take a look at this scenario:
A man got home late from work to his akimbo-standing wife by the door. She demanded to know why he got home late and reeking of alcohol. That was enough to earn her a resounding slap across her cheek. The slap reset her medulla oblongata and the shock made her lose a step before she hit the ground in tears.
The man went straight to their bedroom and slept off in his work clothes and shoes. In the morning when he woke up, he was surprised that his wife could allow him sleep off in his work clothes. He was sore. “What in God’s name has gone into this wife of mine?” He went rhetoric.
With that anger in his mind, he went in search of his wife and met her in the kitchen. Right there, he verbally abused her for being so unloving. While he was at it, a neighbor knocked on their door and invited herself in. Instantly, his tone of voice changed from very harsh and unloving to TLC. The wife couldn’t believe such silliness, but did her best to key into her hubby’s whitewashed awesomeness. Imagine the cheek of this hypocrisy!
Such crass behavior is in some of us and it sucks big time on real love. Pretense is the second name for our topic under discussion today.
Whatever you are doing for anybody so you could be loved by outsiders whereas the insiders of your life can’t attest to receiving such beautiful handling and attention is one of the reasons love has left our shores.
Whitewashed awesomeness is rude; it is unnatural and nauseatingly disappointing. Put a suck on it already! It doesn’t look good on you. Why? Because, whosoever you take through your whitewashed awesomeness knows you are not for him/her. You have made that person worthless, and the uninitiated would most likely strike back at you.

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