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Why You Should Not Take Life Seriously


Why You Should Not Take Life Seriously

admin September 11, 2018

Doesn’t look like she takes life seriously

When you take out time to look at how this life operates, you’ll agree with me that Life is not for them that live it on the mantra of seriousness.

Life is not serious on you, therefore, don’t be serious with life. Life it is that brings all kinds of challenges your way and still nurture you with ways of walking through those challenges that makes you gain on experience at the end of the day.
What is LIFE? Life is God. You did not ask him to create you in the first place. He prefers you let him have his ways with you in all situation life throws your way.
Now, on why you should not take life serious, have you forgotten so quickly that you did not come into this life with anything of your own. My Igbo people have a saying that goes thus:
“Uwa bu anaba aghalu”. This means we actually own nothing and therefore would depart this life with nothing when God decides in his infinite wisdom to recall his creation.
In other to show that you do not take life seriously, you will have to imbibe the following:
·         Forgive easily.
·         No one knows who dies first.
·         No one can predict the next moment not to talk of tomorrow that is too far.
·         Nothing goes to the world of great beyond with you even when your loved ones decide to bury your favorite car with you.
·         Finally, those things and persons that make you feel you are everything are all VANITY.

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