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How Not To Build Unnecessary Bad Blood

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How Not To Build Unnecessary Bad Blood

admin October 17, 2018

You must have heard that you must forgive and forget all who did you wrong as that is the best way to live your life and make a meaning out of it? That is where I stand on this matter. The only thing I have problem with is the admonition to also forget a wrong deed done you. How can such practice become a possibility? The mind easily forgets good deeds done you, how come we find it difficult forgetting bad deeds done us? This is what keeps chiseling away my thinking cap.
Someone has been of good purpose to you in your quest to achieve your dreams in life but suddenly, he grieves you, you overhear yourself making a vow not to forgive him. Even when you later rescind your earlier position in the misunderstanding you have with this person, you will still vow not to forget what harm he did you. How come you completely forgot all the good deeds he did you without batting an eyelid or sparing a thought on any of them? You are more interested in cutting a pound of flesh of this dude when the opportunity bares its ass to you believing that revenge served cold tastes best.
Wow! My guy, you are a learner! Learn to forgive and forget. If you can forgive, you can also forget as forgiving is the major part of your healing process. We adamantly accept to not forget because we fear the person might take you for granted and launch a repeat, then; everybody would mock you for having been fucked sideways by this same helper of yours. I guess the bible says you forgive him until it comes to seventy times seven, and all in a day too.
Now you have no more reason to not to forget as you sail through the life-helping sea of cleaner blood on daily basis as doing so flushes bad blood out of your system. Take courage and do the needful by forgetting the shocking disappointments and dumb words he used on you. Always remember the good times and help already offered you which you found beneficial.

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