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How To Tame Your Frustrations

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How To Tame Your Frustrations

admin October 29, 2018

Frustration as I see it is reaping whirlwind for sowing wild wind. On the other hand, when you plan and didn’t make room for disappointment, you have planned an opened backyard door for frustration to creep in on your life. Or what do you think is the reason human resource managers preach Plan B and stuff like that?

Living in Nigeria is already as frustrating as it can be. The economy is in shambles, governance is far-removed from the people and in the hands of adamantly ignorant few who know next to nothing about human and natural resources management. Tempers flare easily over practically nothing. People have now resorted to being manipulative and untrustworthy in church, and at the political arena.
What are you gonna do about the mess that assault you wherever you turn to? Turn to God Almighty. Trust me when I tell you supportively that this is the best way to tame the seemingly-freaking frustrations threatening to get you submerged and destroyed. It is not God’s will that you live your life in frustrations. They cut your life short. Frustration in your life will make you to see enemies where there are true friendships.
Turning to God here means you will stop from going ahead of God on issues of your life. As a matter of great importance, you will learn to let God handle all of your challenges. You must not dabble into syncretism and dishonesty because God as it is cannot be deceived. Tell him all of your frustrations to God in prayers and remain at His feet, he will surely search through your heart and get you out of your frustrations.
Life of a Christian is that of practice, therefore, go and put this candid suggestion into practice. As for me, it works.
Good luck to you!

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