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Is Sexual Sin The Greatest Of Them All!

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Is Sexual Sin The Greatest Of Them All!

admin October 17, 2018

It grieves me to no end when preachers and self-righteous living followers of Christ and Mohammed come to me with the impression that sex is the worst on the chain of all sinfulness. Is it because most of the times, we suffer the modesty of engaging in sex with the keys turned securely inside the locks?
Why is this sin of sex so despised by these people, yet they all engage in it? We all engage in physical exploration of each other’s body and going out with the memories of the scintillating experience and pleasures of this particular sin.
Yes, the bible says everything is wrong with fornication and adultery, but also says the good Lord is yet to employ anybody to judge another as his JUDGE as we all will be judged with the same measure we applied on others when we drag them through open sesame kind of trial. Simply put, it is a case of garbage-in garbage-out. In other clearer words, you reap what you sow. Judge me and you will be judged. And before you jump into judging me in your holier-than-thou shitty attitude, this is not a justification of this sweet sin of sex Sade calls sweetest taboo in her classic.
I just want your take on why sex is demonized and reviled as the greatest of other sins. Is it because it is the sweetest of them all when we intend to walk Pleasure Close? Well, guess this act of pretense wouldn’t let some people come up with genuine responses and answers to my drift.
Sex is not the black sheep of Sin’s family joor! It is an expression of love and other attributes that are physical in orientation. What about murder for instance? What about armed robbery? Ok, kidnapping nko? Yes, what about forgetting your hands in the till of your country’s commonwealth as it is the perpetual case with Nigerian public servants? Even the sin of back-biting has wasted more lives than any statistics could answer with accuracy. And many other big-boy sins out there in the world.
We use Nollywood and other Woods to advertise sex and turn back to climb the pulpit to pummel sex in isolation as world’s greatest fiend. Hmm! Sex is sin when it is not consensual. It is not sin to them who use it as a means of making money. Huh? So much wool-in-the-eye notion that even twelve year old girls these days are getting pregnant. Such a middle-finger treatment they are giving back to the society that deprives them the pleasures of this particular sin! Of course, depravity can lead them into erroneously believing they are hurting anyone other than themselves simply because we as parents didn’t open a line of communication with them on time. We believed they are too young to be assailed with such nonsense. Poor judgement! Sex is no nonsense biko!
When I was young, I remember my father giving me a knock on the head for continuously seemingly mopping at a scene of two adults exchanging saliva. I was shocked into the hype of daring to figure out why the act of another could result in my being punished. Hian!
Not long after, I figured it out. Kissing is not even the koko of the matter. By the time I fell into this juice pot, I realized what made Adam who used to be God’s first friend not to resist the apple so served him by his vivaciously delectable Eve.
Well, so long as we continue to demonize sex, devil will continue to use it against us seeing that it has become our only preoccupation in the courts of Sindom (English mine)! All I know about sex, the way I taught myself is that sex is a gift from God. Or how else would you explain to your children God’s encouragement for us to replenish the earth? By sowing our seed in the field after ploughing the grounds? No wonder our children laugh us to scorn these days when we lift our cane to flog this dead horse called sex. Yes! You never taught them how to go about it in their younger days knowing that they will eventually adventurize (English mine) and go wild and lost in the hot ecstasy that sex provides. By the time you realize your mistakes while all the while, you were riding the pomposity your high moral grounds offered you, your children are so into sex like their dear lives depend on it. Or doesn’t it?
Oh please!

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