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Ladies! Why Wear Mini Skirt, Get The Attention And End Up Doing This?

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Ladies! Why Wear Mini Skirt, Get The Attention And End Up Doing This?

admin October 17, 2018

Ladies! All the ladies on our fan page say ‘the way we are!’
There is this thing you ladies do that keeps me dumbfounded. I have come across such display of discomfort on your part a lot number of times that these days when it happens again, all I say is this,
“Here we go again!” while rolling my eyes in righteous disgust.
Now, ladies, why would you spend time in front of your dressing mirror relishing the high-effect of your mini skirt fashion statement on your mentality and on the guys out there who live to love to see you in your sexy mini skirt, but end up disappointing these same guys whom you went out to buy their admiration? Is it fair?
How can you showoff your sexiness as amplified by this mini skirt and kill-off guys as they drool over you in naked temptation to see more than you are advertising only for you to sit down and start pulling on your mini skirt? Is it not sheer wickedness for you to treat your fans like that?
All they want is your waist and the package on the inside. If you know you prefer them not to see the juice carnal, try and put on a long skirt next time. This is an advice my ladies! But of course you know guys can do bad things when deprived. #clearsmythroatandkissesmyteeth
Enough said already!

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