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Major Reasons Living In The Village Cuts One’s Life Short

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Major Reasons Living In The Village Cuts One’s Life Short

admin October 4, 2018

Aside the potent antics of the so-called Village People which we all try to disbelieve as impotent, living in the Village or in a rural area have loads upon loads of its disadvantage.
The above is for laughs. I do not believe any fellow human being has the power to uproot life planted by the riverside by God himself. Your life is hidden in Christ, so there’s no reason for you to believe that except you fear human beings more than you fear God. In that case, you are ripe for pickings as you are not on God’s side as a practicing Christian. You’ll endeavour to understand that we do not live by sight but by faith, so let your faith in God work out His purposes in your life one of which is dying of natural causes in old age.
Coming to the matter at hand, living in the village can be exasperating, exhaustive and enervating physically, emotionally and verbally. Most days come with a war while some days come with their battles – all human-machinated.  
It is Thomas Hobbes that said this: “Life is short, nasty and brutish.”
Believe you me; he had these evil Village People in mind when saying that. First on my list of why I concluded thus on Village People is this:
·         They hate each other with passion but the hypocrisy in them makes it appear less evil as it looks. The teeth they bare at you while smiling and laughing with you they would use in cutting you the bits and pieces once your back is turned.
·         They take offense easily. If one sees you having a conversation with his/her enemy, you’ll end up her enemy too. And trust me, you have not offended them in any way whatsoever, only that the division among these people is enshrined in whatever evil spirit that controls their lives.
·         They use evil means like elephantiasis of the leg to killjoy their enemies. What I’m opining is that elephantiasis is seen as kola as it is as cheap as =N=30 but very expensive to manage medically. They will then come around to take you to where you’ll get treatment traditionally running into hundreds of thousands of naira. This money they get to share with your care-giver who handles your health life. And once you have been drained completely, they look forward to your burial where they stand to make money off your burial and get to dance on your grave. Evil people! Tueh!
·         On the other hand, one can elect to have you metaphysically terminated over sheer envy or for a plate of the proverbial porridge, or what do you think ‘Brief Illness’ means?  Call it witchcraft, you are not wrong.
·         If you like, open up on your successes with any one of them and expect a complement, then you need to be taught a real lesson from their School of Hard-knocks as such a success starts to retrogress and before you know it, you are as wasted and poor as they are. They hate seeing you succeed.
·         Village people are bad and very bad at being evil that you’ll end up depressed and beg death to take you.

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