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Read How The Banned Commercial Cyclists Rob Onitsha Residents These Days

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Read How The Banned Commercial Cyclists Rob Onitsha Residents These Days

admin October 3, 2018

It appears like a synergized affront between the commercial bus drivers and the drivers of the tricycle we call keke on the hardworking Onitsha residents who are always in a haste to get to locations where they eke out their livelihood.
These commercial bus drivers would pretend that their car engine has suddenly developed some fault and beg the already angry passengers to alight and board another bus. Then, these ubiquitous keke drivers would begin to appear from nowhere. When a passenger wants to board the keke, he or she would be made to sit sandwiched by two other persons. Once the keke takes off, one of these robbers would bring out their pistol or what looks like it and because one places premium on his/her life, one accepts to live another day but looses huge amount of money on their way to Main Market Onitsha.
Don’t accept to be sandwiched. These guys are mean and capable of wasting life. Let us believe that the government of Anambra state would be up and doing by doing the needful.
So sad!I pray you don’t fall a victim.

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