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Rectal Hygiene – Tissue Paper Or Water?

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Rectal Hygiene – Tissue Paper Or Water?

admin October 17, 2018


The debate on rectal hygiene has surely reached the netherworld seeing that IssuesOfLifeWithAj has taken it upon us to join in the discourse.
While growing up in the Eastern part of Nigeria, my mum insisted we use tissue paper, but on getting to Lagos in the Western part of Nigeria, my eyes drifted to where Lagosians use water to do their thing to the full glare of the public, and I learnt it fast. But not so like what accosted my eyes then.
I have graduated to adding antiseptic soap to the water. While water calms a harassed anus with its soothing relief, the antiseptic soap sees to the fact that your hygiene does not land you in trouble with germs. Coupled with the fact that you hug people with your hands and engage in hanshakes too, one has to be careful.
For all I care, use of tissue paper doesn’t do a good job of keeping one’s crack clean and devoid of fecal smell, but water and soap do much better job.
Now this…..if you are in Lagos and you don’t use cool water and soap to wash your poo-hole after emptying your bowels, then you are not a Lagosian.


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