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Relationship Tip For Every Small Girl With A Big God

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Relationship Tip For Every Small Girl With A Big God

admin October 29, 2018

No matter what your set goals and targets are about that Man, you first get into a Man’s Heart if the swelling relationship is for Real. If it is Lust you have for him and his pockets, you’ll get into his Head through his eye which invariably alerts him of a gold digger near him (Runs-girl). Once he ‘nuts’ inside you, he pushes you out of his Head even though he can come back for more when his balls needed emptying.
There’s the ’One’ for every man. Problem is when a woman is not sure if she’s the “One and only One” for her man. Don’t you go after another woman’s Man and come out saying you are a ‘Small Girl With a Big God’, you are a small girl in search of a marriage to destroy. Every wife calls you a home-wrecker, a usurper, and no wife says good prayers for you. No wonder you die young in the end.
Rather, a prayer for your own Man and voila, you’ll Enjoy Real Life since you couldn’t do without men!

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