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Shocking Thing Nigerian Parents Do

Child Upbringing

Shocking Thing Nigerian Parents Do

admin October 29, 2018

This is unbelievable anyway, but it happens. Because of the prevalence of poverty in Nigeria as entrenched by poor leadership, parents these days go the extra mile while walking the corridors of utter foolishness to betray their hatred for their fellow parents.
How is this possible? Knowing that the art of making money and becoming rich is unpredictably easy for the politicians who are occupying various positions of power since the advent of democracy in Nigeria, and seeing that the majority of these so called leaders are uneducated and layabouts, they walk the surface of earth with such bitterness as found in the heart of Cain that led him to murder his only brother Abel. These guys would now pay allegiance of their loyalty to the major politician in their locality for crumbs off his table.
Then one day, their leader disburses huge sums of money among his political thugs who are ready for anything and capable of committing murder on behalf of their political god. One of the first things these illiterate local politicians would do is to take their children to the school their rich neighbours are attending to register them there. It’s a ‘pepper dem’ thing. They now see themselves as nouveau riche of the neighborhood. These neighbours of such low-minded persons need not to have offended them, but because they needed to announce the arrival of their chicken-change that has no financial depth and root, they’d stoop so low and from the gutters too to create future problems for themselves and for others. Now wait for it. They will now tell the proprietor to hike the school fees to see their neighbours withdraw their children from such school. Oh God!
What can ignorance and poverty of mind not do to these local politicians! Mind you, this is not synonymous with these politicians alone but cuts across all classes of the society. When people who never knew they would end up rich stumble into such fortune, such is their stock in trade.

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