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The Most Potent And Cheapest Malaria Medication You Can Source Yourself

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The Most Potent And Cheapest Malaria Medication You Can Source Yourself

admin October 23, 2018

The attack from mosquitoes is on the rise these days of fewer rainfall and more intense sunshine. These evil creatures are on heat and need our blood to keep their family tree going.
I was chatting with a friend last week over my predicament in the hands of malaria parasite. He appealed to me to give him a listening ear before I make my decision on whether to accept his suggestion or otherwise.
What he suggested to me is what I’m sharing with you on this blog of life. This good friend suggested that he learnt from a friend of his this application of common sense to the scourge of malaria parasite. He told me that in the face of high cost of malaria medications in Nigerian market,that this his friend has resorted to the use of bitterleaf and white onion to help himself out of early death in a country where life expectancy is on a free-fall.
Now this is how this local anti-malarial is prepared. You pluck bitterleaf of about twenty leaves and wring them until the green fluid is extracted. Pour inside a clean container and add sliced white onion tings to it. Cover to ferment for two days and voila, the drug of life is ready for use.
Administration is one full glass of this liquid made by you morning and night for three days.
I tried it, and it is working for me. Now you know that there is love in sharing!


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