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What Business Have You With Yesterday?

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What Business Have You With Yesterday?

admin October 17, 2018

Guess I’m being my sanctimonious self today! Oh yeah! As I’m preaching to you, I’m sermonizing myself too even while I share from my inspiration to lead a better life and end up a better person. This way, I impact positively on you and our world ends up the better for it. So you see, I’m for real here. This is not about me being holier than you. This is far from it. My intents are already spread bare. Are you willing to take a ride of it? Hmmm!
My good Igbo people have a saying I cherish the wisdom it imbues. “Let us leave everything that bit us at night to mean the aggressiveness and meddlesomeness of the mosquito.”
In as much as this does not capture the completeness of the message inherent in my title, it helps in no little way in measuring up to achieving so. Narrow your troubles to specifics, that way, you will get the best out of every unpleasantness life throws at you even at your weakest moments.
In the night, the crickets dare our perseverance while they chirp away at their sing-song, thereby grieving us enough to disturb our sleep. Yet, we end up ignoring them at the expense of the boko-haraming mosquitoes who take the rap so we could achieve an even night rest. Then also, you have the toads and frogs doing a cacophony of such crude symphony, yet you didn’t set out to engage them in a territorial battle seeing that you are the lord of your manor. What about the roaches and rats? You know how they grieve you to no end when they barge into your room I guess?
Even when the mosquitoes are working hard to raise a generation off of your sweet smelling blood, you only lazily shoo them off your body and continue in your sleep. That is how to handle your yesterday. Wave it aside and away. Look on to this day and derive support from yesterday’s experiences offered you by all that went down in it. Yesterday is gone and too far away it has lost its sidekick values which push you into hanging on to wrongs done you. There must be something worth using to best your life out of yesterday. Use it and forget about the wrongs done you. That way, psychologically, you have succeeded in making your yesterday understand that you are good at screwing it as often as it provides you of her services.
If your business with yesterday is to dwell and wallow in bitterness, your strength will fail you and it will subsequently affect your health. I know you want to rival Methuselah, therefore, make your yesterday count by turning it into a buffet of some sorts and pick only the best out of the choices offered you. Such choices improve your general well-being. Don’t they?
On this note, I urge you to treat your yesterday like you will treat a buffet. Go for the best it has! Gbam!!!

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