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Why Insecure Men Should Neither Date Nor Marry Smart And Successful Women


Why Insecure Men Should Neither Date Nor Marry Smart And Successful Women

admin October 29, 2018

Some women live dangerously. They are reserved but yearn for guys with bad boy looks. Though there is no art to find the mind’s construction by merely peering into a man’s eye, some men appear calmer than dove, but are a deadlier force. Men live all kinds of fake lives and wear all the glossier clothes that speak in their defense so as to deceive the ignorant ladies who don’t know a thing about growing up in the streets. These guys live to poach and life off successful women and ladies from rich background who are unsuspecting of their nefarious lifestyle and lies in their hearts. They are as sleek as Satan himself and know what to say to a woman to get her firing on all cylinders.
But the fact that some women prefer these bad guys to the godly men all around them who unfortunately lack the finesse they have on their preferences is not enough to encourage them to get murdered the time their life is about to get started. From Nigeria to the United States of America, we have been inundated with the sad stories of how these ladies ended up in the hands of these insecure men who ended up hating them with burning passion when they insisted on having their wishes respected in their marriages by these hoodlums, though not all of these men are insecure (a story for another occasion).
Now, why do I suggest that such insecure men should not be permitted to date or marry our successful sisters? I have the following plausible reasons to support my audaciousness:
1.      These men are insecure and patriarchal and can’t live under the authority of a woman as a result of reversed fortunes in their lives. A smarter man would see to it that the wife gives him support as he has not given up on himself. He has a burning desire to fulfill his vision in life and his successful wife will see to it coming to fruition.
2.      Insecure men are not smart; therefore, they are more manipulative than smart. Instead of playing the smart card, they get burned up by envy. It is this envy that drives them to lose focus on life by giving up on life and end up taking the life of their wife.
3.      Even when they are successful, they hate and despise the competition their wives pose to them.
4.      These men are mostly toxic and would do everything to hurt and frustrate their women from physical and verbal (psychological) abuse to well-thought out murder. Envy has got no chill remember?
5.      They are mostly traditionalists and patriarchal, tools they use when it suits their whims and caprice to intimidate and confine their more successful wives to their supposed ‘Place’.

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