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Why You Don’t Have To Believe Your Destiny Can Be Stolen


Why You Don’t Have To Believe Your Destiny Can Be Stolen

admin October 29, 2018

This is a serious matter that some smart Alecs who saw the breach in the spiritual development of some Christians have lapped on to in other to milk these ignorant Christians dry. A fool gets easily parted from his/her money. You try and note that.
In as much as there are powers that be that can alter one’s progression in life, I want to make it clear to you that witchcraft powers are among such powers. That is why one’s destiny is said to suffer a delay, but it all depends on where you stand with God and how God takes you in His scheme of things. One thing is sure; there are no such things as spiritual looters of one’s destiny, blessings and good fortunes. Mind you, it is laxity on our part and mental laziness, ignorance about God’s word and His will for our lives and unbelief that see us cheated out of attaining our full potential in life. Then fear keeps us pointing our fingers at this rich man and the other as those who stole our destinies.
Someone’s God-given opportunity to make well in life can be taken away from him when not utilized according to God’s will/directive. That is why in this life, the rich get richer as a result of their ability to respect God’s will which their riches are built on by walking strong in philanthropy. Perhaps you have not heard that Givers don’t suffer lack.
It is always the poor that accuse the rich of looting their good fortune spiritually. If a rich man can steal your destiny which consists of your illnesses, poverty and death, between the rich and the poor, who do you think needs the life the other is living the most? The answer gives a side-eye to the POOR. Live your life to please God and none shall by any means steal your joy from you.
From the foregoing, I want you to disbelieve your mind from accepting that what God says about you can be altered by any other powers in this physical earth. God’s word is yeah and amen! You did not ask Him to create you, and therefore, what you’ll end up becoming in life pre-dates your birth. Just make sure you accept where He prepared for you. If He says you’ll make it being a bricklayer, accept it so and put in your best and you’ll begin to prosper. Don’t permit pride to be the child of your reasoning. You’ll end up frustrated and full of wrong assumptions and accusations for them who do not know why you are poor. If out of envy you dabble into motorcycle spare-parts business which isn’t His forte and preparation for your increase, you have succeeded in squandering your destiny.
You only have yourself to blame when you enter another man’s lane. Once you do so, you have altered your destiny by yourself and will live the rest of your life with the consequences.
If you have made such a mistake, go deep with God in prayers and He will redirect your path and destiny and you’ll still become a success still.
May it be so for you when you believe! Amen!

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