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How To Graduate Your Calling To Leadership (Strictly For Pastors)


How To Graduate Your Calling To Leadership (Strictly For Pastors)

admin November 14, 2018

Not all in ministry are leaders. For instance, call to pastor does not equal leadership capability. Some pastors I’ve come across have done little to enhance the qualities the leadership height their position in the church has afforded them. They are not keen to use the vehicle provided them to improve their leadership qualities believing that He who called them would force it into them. No way. It does not work like that. Remember that it is said in the Bible that you shall ask and it shall be given to you, and when you knock, the door will be opened to you while when you seek, you shall find.

A pastor will have to first sit down and figure out the essentials of leadership that are lacking in him for him to start praying to God for their impartation. Ask and it shall be given you. Don’t assume that as he has called you that all you needed to move His kingdom forward are already in you. Or why do you think makes public servants to go for seminars to improve on what they practice on daily basis? It is so that they would do away with antiquated work ethics and practices and acquire the ones that are in tandem with standard and acceptable tools that they need to improve on in the line of their calling.

Ministry is a call but leadership is to be developed. Now you have heard that your calling to the ministry is a special gift from God but leadership qualities must be sought after and acquired for them to remain practically imbibed out of where they will get to you easily while you reach out to your congregation and impact on them the fountain from where the leadership qualities are flowing thereof.

No matter your calling, you must develop to become a leader. Everyone who finds him/herself in a position in the church where he can touch lives must work to build on the leadership qualities already in them. You will not excuse yourself that you have not been learning such qualities thrown out from time to time in the manner and ways your pastors handle issues especially the burning ones in your church. These leadership qualities when properly harnessed will turn you into a leader too no matter your calling. That is why you see yourself betraying such qualities learnt and imbibed from your pastor when certain situations in life get to you and nothing else matters other than you betraying these leadership qualities

A leader offers direction, sensitizes people and mobilizes them to follow. This is the essence of being a leader in your church. God uses you to get these people to achieve a lot for Him and this position should not be abused. Get the people of God to carry out God’s directives and do not add yours or partake in God’s glory thereof.

A leader is a duplicator and multiplier of grace. When your leadership skills have seen the members of your congregation return praise and thanksgiving to God, you have succeeded in getting God’s grace have its multiplying effects on them.

A leader is one who deliberately teaches others all that he knows. As a church leader, there is nothing that is in you that is not put in you by God. Therefore, remember you are a vessel in his hands, an empty vessel at that. You must not hide or hoard knowledge. You will make open to His people all that He teaches you. This is so because when you understand that the more you share, the more it multiplies, you will always pray he blesses you with more of His ways so that your leadership qualities would be enhanced and be put to better use in His kingdom.

Sharing is developing the capacity to accommodate more, therefore, keep developing yourself to become a leader of worth.


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