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This Is Imo Beautiful Skyline (Photos)

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This Is Imo Beautiful Skyline (Photos)

admin November 29, 2018

I had embarked on a journey within the week that traversed the three South East states of Anambra, Imo and Abia.

Nothing impressed me as soon as we got to the boundary community between Anambra and Imo states where the road from the Anambra section is telling a sorry state of affairs in the hands of the political leaders of Anambra state. My little nap which the trenches on the Anambra part of this road couldn’t stop was finally truncated as soon as our bus got into Imo state where I danced far better than the professional Fine Boys of Kupe Challenge fame. Azonto got me! Shoki entered me! My body is still paining me as a result of such unsolicited waist-breaking nerve-wrecking exercise.

That route is governed by a litany of collapsed roads and manholes that have washed off certain sections of this federal road that  traversed the aforementioned three states by rains.

What a shameful scene! Imo is APC,and APC is at the center, yet. Anambra is APGA and a friend of APC-led central government.


Please take a look at how Imo people paint their skyline in such colourful war of campaign billboard mania.

Now, this is the reality on ground:


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