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What The Government Wouldn’t Want You To Know About Nnewi Roads

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What The Government Wouldn’t Want You To Know About Nnewi Roads

admin November 20, 2018

Its that time of the year Ndigbo are expected to migrate from one end of the earth to Igboland.

Christmas and its attendant spirit of festivities are known to be properly celebrated with the spirit of love that makes every true Igbo person to head home.

But there is a particular ache in my heart about the condition of most roads constructed by both the federal and state governments.

I dare ask if these horrible roads are worthy of receiving our relations who would use these roads during the Christmas season?

The state government as it seems wouldn’t want for you to know that there are no roads anywhere in the industrial community of Nnewi where they collect billions of naira from tax payers.

Same situation is fast spreading all over the state as no effort is being made to repair roads that are constructed eight years or thereabouts.

The amount of time one spends navigating an ordinary business district of Nnewi is enough to make one feel he’s stuck again in Lagos’ perennial traffic jam.

Now, if you need to learn how to dance shaku-shaku, Nnewi picturesque roads are a guarantee.

Thank Governor Obiano later!

Take a look yourself and feel what I’ve been feeling for months now with the state government busy with politics of 2019.

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