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6 Major Reasons That Could Make Him Propose To You

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6 Major Reasons That Could Make Him Propose To You

admin December 24, 2018

Men are what they have always been. Their vision leads them while their hearts remain wary of what you may bring to the table when eventually they pop up the question with you screaming your already known answer.

This is why a man would run into you today and his heart starts playing with him with doubts about you. His eyes had seen the specifics about you which he has been praying for these long years, but his mind has refused to give him the push to take what he feels about you to the next level. He has been observing you from a distance for many months. Why is it like that! This is simply because; his eyes are yet to see what will cause his heart to convince him that you are THE ONE.

Now, to the REASONS.

Learn to be real. You see that change of intonation in your spoken vernacular and lingua franca; it must have to stop this year. Be real. Let your accent play its role too. If God had wanted you to end up a Britico speaking through her nose, he would have made you pop out of a white woman in the UK. Ighotago?

Dress smart and not-to-kill. What will it profit you if you ended up killing the blossoming desire in this guy’s heart from what his eyes are seeing and get to lose him when his sight stops transmitting love to his mind? Packaging doesn’t mean you should bring to the outside those contours and shapely places that should be made less prominent. The more modest you dress, the more appealing you appear. We use our mind to see everything on you nne. If you dress like a whore, men will see you like a carcass and turn to vultures on you.

Run away from extreme makeover girlfriend! You are fanta during day time and coke in the night. Ngwanu! No man likes being taken for a fool. You are doing yourself sister! Keep the painting inside those painted-sepulcher boxes and use ordinary powder that suits your melanin colour texture. Don’t be caught bleaching is it also.

Don’t use vulgar language. Oh! You are a feminist? I see! Don’t be deceived. This part of the world is patriarchal and there’s no way the king of your hometown would ever be a woman. So, don’t use dirty words to describe men while in their company or on any of the social media platforms. Failure to heed this wise advice, sister, you are doing yourself again!

Please for Christ’s sake, don’t tolerate filthy smell anywhere on you. Mouth odour and smelly armpits are scary for most men. You don’t want to know what their mind is telling them about the smell around your hidden treasure. Deodorize and use cologne – such delightful tools that ensnare men like the nectar attracts the birds and bees to itself can work it for you.

Be prayerful! Be specific in your prayer so that you need not end up choosy. Such will turn you into an old milk maid who languishes in prayer houses being picked on by these wolf-in-sheep-clothing pastors.

I know some women are just not into heeding simple nuggets like I have here. They are what they are. Some of them don’t see marriage as the ultimate life achievement, but when you know you’ll appear before God someday to render account of your stewardship on earth, how and what will you plead when he asks you why you disobeyed him on this simple instruction that charges you thus,

“Go into the world and be fruitful?”


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