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Guide On Living With Your Neighbour


Guide On Living With Your Neighbour

admin December 11, 2018

The greatest of them all – among the Ten Commandments – is L-O-V-E. There’s nothing that betters love. We all love love and love being loved by someone especially and then people in general. In as much as there are people who may differ on this, I daresay that loners are people who got unlucky by not having the people they wished could show them love do so and therefore,became anti-social or weirdos of life.

Love means compassion. Compassion means putting yourself in another’ shoes. Don’t get it twisted at all. Hypocrisy sucks, so, don’t let it come in and dwell with you.

If you have sweet words but no love to back up your spinning all over the poor girl, you are being selfish and selfishness doesn’t suffice here. Satisfy your sexual urges and quench that raging hormones and get out of her life already.

You lack wisdom. Your high testosterone drive will still rear its ugly head up and you keep moving about slaying your fellow slayers until your mates are grandfathers. Pray for wisdom which guarantees you best bet on your dalliances most especially wherever you find your neighbours who are not necessarily those you share same location with.

Read Proverbs 11:12

Have a pleasant day from now onwards!


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