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How To Walk With Motivational Counselors Instead Of The Hate For Them

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How To Walk With Motivational Counselors Instead Of The Hate For Them

admin December 10, 2018

Nothing saddens me like the big hit motivational writers and speakers especially those of us with huge followership on social media are getting from others as a result of their inability to understand that what works for me may not work for another due to our individual sense of perception and understanding aside our individual temperaments.

Once you have understood your temperament, then you are most likely to know the type of motivational ink that best suits you. The Melancholic is different from the other three temperaments and therefore, be good to yourself, first of all try and discover your temperament before you go for the jugular of the motivational writer/speaker who is only trying to be of great help.

I feel so happy on the other hand when people slide inbox on any of my social media accounts to appreciate my humble effort on this platform.

To help you understand why my position on this is so, turn with me to the Book of Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 14. Are you there yet? God bless you for doing so!

Read it and thank God!


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