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Life’s Disparities – Of Saints And Sinners


Life’s Disparities – Of Saints And Sinners

admin December 10, 2018

In this life, there are two categories of people; the saints and the sinners. I have painstakingly come to  realize that God has a knack for using the sinners more than he uses the saints. Hmm! Such a tough cookie to chew! When the task ahead is going to prove a hard nut to crack, God looks out for a sinner, but when it’s a middle-demanding job like leadership position, God experiments with saints just to prove to them at the end of the day that we all are sinners. Huh? Moses is a killer, yet God chose him to put down the Ten Commandments. And Saul got a  baptism of fire and ended up a Saint Paul who wrote most of the New Testament.Getting interesting you may say. Does this make God more partial to sinners than he is disposed towards saints who dedicated themselves to the propagation  of his words all over the universe?

Does it now mean you are better off a sinner than a saint? How do you strike the balance between rather being a saint than being a sinner? Is it better for one to be a sinner so that God in  his infinite mercies would look his/her way and turn his/her story of sheer devilry around and transport him/her to greatness like it is with the lives of the biblical personalities already mentioned?

Mind you, this is not a sermon.I’m just trying to see if we can reason this out. Is it better we have more sinners than we have saints?

Chew this well before you give your answer in the comment.


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