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Sagging: Hanging In There Or Dead?

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Sagging: Hanging In There Or Dead?

admin December 10, 2018

Just some weeks back, Primetime Easter jamz took place on the popular Elegushi Beach and I had to get there on time to investigate the issue at hand.

There was a day I was chatting with this friend of mine outside my office and while standing there for some minutes and observing our males who were using the street, my friend observed as a journalist that the age-old assertion that “fashion is a mobile machine” has come full cycle on saggingfashion sense.

“Sagging ke?” I interjected.

“It is dead. Have you not noticed the number of boys who walk pass us and have their pant trousers wailing-off off their bum-bum and showing off some dirty and definitely smelly underwear?”

See-me-see-wahala!Wetin concern agbero with over-load? If they like let them sag the real thing, I no send them. Na girls I don dey pray make them begin sag their own thing.

You don jam molue be that. Matured women have advised their girls and young women not to follow the path discovered by boys. So your dream has died on arrival. They actually tried it though, to rival their male counterparts but met with stiff public opprobrium from their mothers, something we couldn’t achieve with our boys despite our toughness as big brothers and fathers.”

“You wan begin fight with your boy the time he is learning to toast girls, abi you no do your own during your own time?”

After our brief chat and he had left, I stood rooted to my feet and accepted to checkout my friend’s observation. Is it actually true that sagging as a fashion sense is dying bit-by-bit or it is still trending or outrightly dead, looking at the few and dwindling number of people still dallying with this fashion sense of style?

Just in the last months of two thousand and ten, sagging berthed on our shores with the advent of Season movies with scenes of prison life in Hollywood movies. Nigerian youths embraced this fashion fad when they started seeing their favorite American rap artistes showing-off their underwear threatening to slip off their bum-bum.Everybody embraced the sense in this fad.

Within thirty minutes, as our street is such a busy one, I realized that out of the sixteen guys who walked pass me, only two actually sagged but have their underwear covered with singlet that I couldn’t sight the colours of their underwear. It is really true that sagging is going the way of all fashion styles.

Therefore, to ascertain from a huge population if this fear is true or not, I headed to the beach to see things myself. It was there that I realized firsthand that sagging is dead and not even hanging-in there. Nigerian guys now use singlet (dirty or clean or half-clean) to cover the contents of their behinds. It is obvious that the girls who have been the reason for the audacity in boys for sagging have refused to be impressed or are no longer impressed. Poor boys!

Out of the mammoth crowd that was at the Easter musical fiesta, a very insignificant number of them actually went old school. Old school? Yes. That is what sagging as a fashion sense and style has become.

 The verdict is finally out. Sagging is dead! Beard gang is the fad now.

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