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This Life Is About Needles And Balloons


This Life Is About Needles And Balloons

admin December 17, 2018

Life is good so long as your needles and balloons are in separate places. Right? But no one knows how to secure these two items life has so graciously offered us to walk around with while on our daily beat to eke out a livelihood. Poor us!

You don’t step out of your crib without your needle and balloon. It’s how this life is structured. They go with us like in tandem. Pleasurable pains, that’s life, and there is nothing you can do about it. This is so because that is how we acquire the experiences we use in waging through the perfidious clouds and grounds of our existence.

Forget the saying that every disappointment is a blessing,you will not be blessed until you appreciate God for making you go through that disappointing experience. It is from the wealth of your experience that you become sharpened enough to become of use to other people who providence bring your way to be a blessing to them when you share with them your reaction and handling of a particular experience when such became your pain in time past.

From the aforementioned, learn to accept your needles as much as you gush about your balloons – into the right ears of course. Your needle is your experience(s) while your balloons are your successes. You can’t have one without the other.

Embrace your needles and balloons today!


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