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What Social Media Witchcraft Is


What Social Media Witchcraft Is

admin December 13, 2018

Witchcraft comes in various guises but none of them is less evil than the other.

On blogosphere, people enjoy being faceless like they are some form of ghost. They prefer fading away from your wall on any of the social media platforms like they are not aware of what you are and what you do.

I call them social media wall geckos. Where I’m from, wall gecko is regarded as evil. Pure evul! Take it or you leave it, it is what it is! Always firmly aligned with its skinny clutches on the wall and keenly observing everything you are doing within the privacy of your inner sanctuary,leaving the floor of your room messed up with its poisonous droppings and having mad sex whenever you least expected them. They bite each other while making out anyway. Some human beings are unfortunately like the wall Gecko. Too bad!

And the following are their stock in trade:

  1. They will read up your updates on either your timeline or on your blog and refuse to drop a comment to help your ministry. Why would they drop a comment when they know you are out to blow? No sir/madam! No such luck is expected from such witches and wizards.
  2. These wall Geckos of evil world people will pretend you don’t exist in their putrid-smelly whacked lives. Yet, to use the block button or the delete one is an herculean task for them. They always lie in wait waiting on your timeline to make a mistake and they will attack you with all black bile. Evil world people you thought have died, buried and gone would suddenly resurrect to mess with you, on your own timeline.
  3. They bother with you only when you change your display picture with you looking dapper and this they do by using the boring like button. Like a politician caught with his soiled fingers in the cookie jar, it is no comment!
  4. Now, you’ll read this and instead of dropping your comment, you’ll say I’m petty.No! You are a wall gecko – the social media witch and wizard!


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