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Why The People You Help Might Not Be Of Help To You


Why The People You Help Might Not Be Of Help To You

admin December 22, 2018

Nothing is as strange as this notion that people you have been of help to in life are most likely not going to reciprocate your kindness to them. This is true because the majority of the people we have been of help to are those we are better than in life so to say. The much you can get from them is a meager ‘thank you’.

But there are certain plausible reasons why life is like this.

When you understood that this life is not ours to keep and that we are sojourners here, you’ll likely know that there is God who does things using us for his own purposes and pleasures. Therefore, when you are doing good, know it that you are serving God by fulfilling his will for some other persons’ lives. Your help wouldn’t come from them you have helped –most of the times – because God wouldn’t want you to repose your trust in man.

Secondly, and most importantly, God wouldn’t want you to share in his glory. When you accept to be hero-worshipped over what he blessed you with which in turn has been a blessing to others, you are partaking of his glory and that he finds offensive. It is best you return the heaps of praises on you by retorting like this;

 “May all thanks be to God who provided me the wherewithal to be of help to you.”

Finally, what goes around comes around. When you give, you will surely receive. We all have individual needs and there is no way the persons you have been of help will be used to become of help to you in your own higher needs. They can be of help to you though. Only that God will bless you through their prayers said on your behalf to God to bless you more by providing you your own helpers. That way, we all remain humble knowing that humility is a virtue that attracts God into our lives and challenging situations.


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