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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

admin December 7, 2018

First of all, God created women to act and live as helpmeets in the lives of their men (husbands), but because of the patriarchal nature of our male forebears, women were reduced to ‘weaker sex’, they became thingified.To men, it was all about physical strength and bravery. That has been the greatest undoing from men on themselves.

A woman who withstands the heat of the smoking-hot kitchen is weak? No, I don’t think so! A woman who has the strength to push out babies(twins) is weak to you? I’m sorry sir! She is not the weaker sex to me.

Then women saw through our folly and decided to lap on to it for the rest of the existence of humanity and a lot of dirty waters have gone down the drain that the bridge has collapsed on most marriages because of women pressing hard on the pedals of their helpmeetness. Advantage, theirs!Disadvantage, allofus’!

Now, coming to why women live longer than men, if you are conversant with this Igbo tradition of Omugwo for a mother while convalescing after childbirth, you’ll understand that no man enjoys such delicacies this woman’s mother prepares her at his expense. #Clearsthroat

Such that when you see a woman resting after childbirth and being feted by her husband in the name of Omugwo, you’ll see that her skin glows to the glory of her man’s financial strength which is all the man gets.Praise!


Secondly, women live to spend their husband’s money and hardly have to spend theirs. Don’t argue with me biko! Less things to worry about when you spend another’ money. True? Yes!  

Women are experts at money-skimming. Their husband’s hard-earned money and budget on home-keeping is the hardest-hit department.That will do for number three.

Women who begat daughters are full of hopes knowing that they are the ones to change locations and sceneries when it is time for their daughters’ Omugwo, therefore, they live all very hopeful of a better tomorrow.Nothing elongates one’s lifespan like HOPE. Seek it and add it to your to-do list of very important virtues to use in your daily living if you haven’t bought into that. And this is for number four.

On a more important note, the only thing that bothers womenwhile married is when they are unable to birth an heir for their husbands.Forget the issue of their husband’s infidelity. Women know best. They are craftier than the proverbial tortoise. They are ready to put up with your marital malfeasance while searching for this near-elusive heir. Why do you think the most flourishing business in Nigeria today after Aso Rock is Prayer House(s)? These women in search of heir flock there and are too willing to do anything to have their prayer answered. But once the project of birthing an heir is achieved, they change the dance step for all who once looked down on them, be you the mother in-law and sisters in-law and of course you the husband. You’ll be relegated to the background as she adores her son above you all who she now address as bitches.

Don’t ever see women as the weaker sex again!


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