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A Little Selfishness Is Your Right (Strictly For Men)

Painful Life Experiences

A Little Selfishness Is Your Right (Strictly For Men)

admin January 19, 2019

You see this life we are experiencing, no one knows why we are the way we are and why we live dangerously as an icing on our supposed dull life to make living appear fun.

No one is really having it fun and easy in this life. Move over to social media, you’ll see the amount of pretenses on-going.

We all are good at pretenses – pardon the generalization – or don’t you go through pains in life and come out next day splashing smiles on your face like you are some royalty with servants waiting on him?

Permit me to address you the MAN here. A man is already an endangered being who slaves all his life and withers like some harmattan-scorched grass the time he was supposed to be having life easy on him.

Hello Man! You need to be selfish in little doses every now and again. In an article I had authored last year, I raised certain postulations on why women live longer than men. Here today, I’m discussing why men need to be a bit selfish so they could take a bite at sweet longevity like women.


Taking into cognizance the life of a man, you’ll realize that he starts denying himself basic needs of life from young age. Did you take a good look at the #10yragechallenge to see how emaciated most of us were ten years back and how darker the tone of our complexion was? No sheen means poor nutrition. The society and here, the family, starts telling a boy with younger siblings to always leave the food-remnants in the plate for his younger ones at age seven. He is not considered a child from that age. You see him in his carefree attitude playing away his frustrations on those motorcycle tyres we all started our driving skills with. With his ribs sticking out all over his upper body, he is always hungry with a protruding tummy and near-flat ass.

He is the one that would be sacrificed for the good of his younger siblings by being sent off unceremoniously to live with a distant relation as an apprentice so as to learn a trade with little education and begin to help the family at age twenty. Think about all the abuse he goes through before he set out in life, that is, if he happens to be lucky by being settled by his boss.

He’s still grappling with life and learning his way when his family starts mounting pressure on him to settle down with a wife. Nobody cares about the likelihood of his business collapsing on the weight of the financial demand of such a venture. He eventually gets married and starts making children. These children would grow up to love their mother more than they love him because the woman got the children brainwashed by telling them the reason why their father comes home late is as a result of another woman and any other evil thing a woman’s heart contrived. Every child should love their parents equally. No matter what your mother tells you about your father, always get closer to your father because as a boy, you’ll suffer same fate in your wife’s and children’ hands when you helped your mother shove your father really hard in life.

A man doesn’t embark on omugwo where his son in-law fetes him with the good things of life. This poor man is left behind to eat yam with red oil and salt on daily basis for the number of months the wife is away on omugwo.

Now, you Man, start today to save for tomorrow when your children must have abandoned you to save yourself the pain of dying in great agony of loneliness and tough-love. Your wife can still be the next-of-kin in your savings documents, but don’t forget to save and look forward to a beautiful life in your old age. That’s how selfish you must be!



  1. Omoniyi January 19, 2019

    Nice one sire

    1. admin January 19, 2019

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Hp January 20, 2019

    Well to be fair, this isn’t the typical experience of every Male child in Nigeria.

    1. admin January 20, 2019

      That’s true but considering the higher percentage of boys who had such life….Thanks for your comment.

  3. Paul February 23, 2019

    Great read. Very relateable.

    1. admin February 23, 2019

      Yes. Relatable indeed!

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