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How To Live With An Orphan


How To Live With An Orphan

admin January 4, 2019

The blogosphere has been awash with unbelievable poor handling of orphans in Nigeria by their supposed benefactors. Incidents of whipping a child over and over again with belt, cane and electrical wire abound.

No one says an orphan cannot be caned or disciplined like any other young person, but considering the fact that orphans are first of all at disadvantage, it is expected of one to be compassionate in handling such class of people in our lives.

Only people who don’t fear God can look an orphan in the face and threaten them with bodily harm. Did I say bodily harm! Only conscienceless benefactors to these orphans would not only threaten them with bodily harm but go ahead to inflict injuries on them and lace it with hunger.

There is a reason an orphan is in your life. Count yourself lucky when a godly orphan is in your life. Even when they are not godly, do your best to help such a person and leave the rest in God’s hands. Why did I say you are LUCKY having an orphan sharing same roof with you?

I had an experience with not one orphan but two who though I’m not sharing one roof with them but have had the benefit of sharing space and roof within time space with them and in the cause of my getting to know them, God in his infinite wisdom charged me to bring them under my wings as my own children. Prior to that time, I never knew how to handle young people in their teen, but through prayer for his guidance, God enriched me with the needed wisdom to function in my newfound responsibility. I know the joy growing with these orphans have brought me. God has taken over all of my needs since these beautiful young ones came into my life.

Come to living with them. It’s no big deal. Take and see and handle an orphan like he or she is your own child. That’s it! It’s a simple task of resetting your psychology to embrace an orphan as your biological child. No matter how evil this orphan may appear to be, through prayers, God who says he is the father to the fatherless and orphans will accomplish his will in the life of this orphan and your family will benefit from sheltering and raising this orphan.

Don’t be hard on yourself; be cool with an orphan today as being hard on him is being hard on yourself. This is wisdom!

Read Matthew 18: 5-7; Deuteronomy 27:19; 26:12 – 19



  1. Stanleylux January 7, 2019

    Amazing write up

    1. admin January 7, 2019

      Thanks for your compliment.

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