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Question And Answer Session: Is Adultery A Crime In Nigeria?

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Question And Answer Session: Is Adultery A Crime In Nigeria?

admin January 29, 2019

Dear Aj,

I read here how a woman Ngozi – though you didn’t mention names – did go over to her friend’s house on a supposed mission to beat this friend we now know as Nkiru for sharing her husband with her.

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This whole thing reeks of intimidation and taking of laws into one’s hands as the aftermath of this story that went viral yesterday has suggested that nothing like an adulterous relationship ever existed between Nkiru and Ngozi’s husband.

My question is like this: what if Nkiru who we heard is now going through bouts of depression having been humiliated and stripped naked in her own matrimonial home and the video published online decides to sue Ngozi whom we now heard has gone back to Nkiru with her mother to beg for Nkiru’s forgiveness, seeing that adultery is yet to be criminalized in Nigeria?

From the above premise, Ngozi stands to be dealt with for taking laws into her hands.


Adultery is not yet seen as a criminal offense in Nigeria and neither has it been entered into our legal books as a criminal offense. But when it turns into a love-crime, it becomes criminal. Like had Ngozi killed Nkiru in her then justified anger, she would be charged to court and sentenced appropriately.


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