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Why You Should Not Be Tactless No Matter What

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Why You Should Not Be Tactless No Matter What

admin January 16, 2019

Something came to my notice during the last festive period. A man met with the unfortunate experience of being cast down the time he was supposed to be lifted up simply because he applied the wrong choice of words to his almost glorious next level.

A little disappointment in life, we have started cussing out God and throwing all manner of pejorative expletives his way not realizing that we still can’t do without Him. It pays to imbibe the virtue of patience. Why wouldn’t you be patient!

When you believe firmly that what God says would come your way will definitely get to you, you are not only being patient here, and you are also displaying your virtue of faithfulness and loyalty to God. He gives you double of your expectations.

Mind the way you also talk to your fellow human beings. Always be tactful as being tactless has cost many a lot number of business opportunities.

My drift is that you should involve the power of positive confession to everything that reel off your tongue. Don’t be quick to judge and condemn. Patience is not only a name human beings bear, you know?

Read Numbers 14:28 so you’ll realize why I wish you well.


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