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Why You Shouldn’t Seek Advice From Anybody


Why You Shouldn’t Seek Advice From Anybody

admin January 8, 2019

What an ironical choice of topic I have for you today!

Who then do you seek advice from in a time like this hosting such a generation? This question is important considering the fact that no one can be trusted. Since air gets to everything on earth, our tongue and the urge to divulge information seen as secret some other person shared with us is not spared.

Forget the different oats people of such professions as law and medicine claim they are sworn to, people’ knack for the garrulous is one of the easiest way we destress these days. Add that to the hunger pervading the land in carefree attitude taking many people prisoners, men have sworn that nothing will keep them off alcoholic beverages. Women are not accepting to be left out of this business of not being trustworthy; they have come up with all kinds of hobbies to keep them away from home where they have the space to use their tongues at the expense of someone who came to them with their problems.

What does anybody mean here? Anybody here means someone who can’t give you the moral support your challenging issue in life deserves without making it a topic for public discussion.

I want you to know that we all are intuitive. Intuition here means the spirit of discernment for them that walk with God. Before you take your problem(s) to anyone for solution, first of all bring it to God’s knowledge. He it is that guarantees you his spirit of discernment. It is on the wavelength of this spirit of discernment that God will direct you to who you will share your life woes with for onward attention and solution.

Now I want to believe that you have understood my drift. Yes! Seek God’s advice on any matter bothering you and then he will point you right to any of his servants whom he will use in helping you solve the matter without making it a news item in the court of public opprobrium.


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  1. Chukwunwike Enekwechi January 8, 2019

    Very true, especially for believers. Non-believers may not agree with it, or they choose to carry their problems all alone till they drown in depression.

    1. admin January 8, 2019

      You are right!

  2. Paul February 23, 2019

    God is the highest and best authority on every matter

    1. admin February 23, 2019

      Exactly! Thanks for dropping your comment Paul!

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