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Exs On Revenge Mission – Big Threat To Most Relationships Today

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Exs On Revenge Mission – Big Threat To Most Relationships Today

admin February 26, 2019

Nothing upsets like someone you genuinely fall in love with leaving you high and dry just when you have started building your future with such a ‘mean’ being.

Gosh! This dude knows all the right places to touch and knows how his eyes burning into my body gets me wet and dizzy and wanting to go home and have the ‘itch’ scratched silly by him.

Then out of nowhere, he starts playing with my fragile heart. As if the dull fears in my mind are not enough, he sends me ‘that’ mean sms. My world got shattered. he left with my best friend for extra painment.

Two months later, he comes back all contrite and begging for my forgiveness. But I have moved on. The wounds he left in my heart have to be healed by another who I want to believe I have a solid future with, but this guy doesn’t know how to tear down my walls like my ex.

Now, my ex calls me twelve times in the morning and countless number of times the rest of the day and night. My Bf is aware my ex is ruining it for us because last time we are making love, he overheard me call the name of my ex.

I’ve made amends by promising him that all thoughts of my ex are banished, but the heart loves whom it wants to love.

My ex is punishing me for finding a man cuter than him or he’s real he wants to come back. I’m a confused girl Aj.


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