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How To Know A Man Is Maturing In Wisdom


How To Know A Man Is Maturing In Wisdom

admin February 13, 2019

This is simple from my own understanding. When as a young man, you are eager to see yourself pleasing everybody and displeasing yourself, you are beginning to knock on the doors of wisdom, but when you use your brains by reasoning out issues and matters before you throw your two cents into the ring on any public discourse affecting you directly or indirectly, then you have realized that your tongue has the capacity to fix you up with a life-threatening wahala (mess) and learn to use it less frequently. You are now more of a strategist and not a bash-walking rant who gets on everyone’s nerves whenever they hear you talking.

As soon as you come in contact with such a man who use to talk more than he reasons but now reasons things out before he contributes to the discussion at hand, the realization will dawn on you that a man of wisdom is sitting beside you. Observe him the more before you allow your senses to induct him into wisdom’s hall of fame though. Lol!


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