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Hypnosis Guarantees You Freedom From Financial Problems And Many More – Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Paul


Hypnosis Guarantees You Freedom From Financial Problems And Many More – Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Paul

admin February 23, 2019

Is hypnosis just a mind blowing magic trick to make people cluck like a chicken or quack like a duck on stage OR is it a powerful, clinically-tested tool that has helped people overcome obstacles for centuries?
A lot of people’s perception of hypnosis comes from the media, which portrays hypnosis as a secret and mystical type of mind control. While mind control would be a pretty cool superpower, hypnotists can’t make people do or believe anything they don’t already desire. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is a proven science with clinical use and support from some of the world’s leading experts in psychology. 
-Hypnosis is simply the capturing and leading of the imagination and beliefs to create an altered subjective reality for a definite positive end or change.
-Hypnosis is simply the bypassing of the conscious mind to communicate directly with the unconscious mind for a definite positive end or change.
-Hypnosis is simply a state of HEIGHTENED FOCUSED ATTENTION characterized by deep relaxation and an increased responsiveness to ideas.

*In Psychology, we agree that there are two parts of the mind: the conscious and the unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is what you are using to read this right now, what you use to analyze and evaluate – true or false, right or wrong and as helpful as this part of your mind is, it has so many limitations. While your unconscious mind is the part of you that controls your routines, for example, your habits, important things you do without thinking, like your breathing…..Until I mentioned it to you now, you weren’t in conscious control of your breathing! Your unconscious mind keeps you safe, healthy and alive! It is what keeps your heart beating, pumps your blood and regulates your body temperature. It is what is responsible for physical healing of the body even! You don’t do these things consciously, your unconscious mind does them for you and it has your best interests at heart! What you have in Your unconscious mind determines the general outcome and direction of your life! “for as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!”.  In hypnosis, we are tapping into it’s limitless possibilities and abilities of your unconscious “for a definite, positive end or change”. 
“Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind…” – Hypnosis is a technique for transformation through the (psychological) renewing of the mind.
Hypnosis is NOT a one-time supernatural magic pill that will automatically solve all your problems…..but IT IS A VERY QUICK AND EFFECTIVE TOOL TO CREATE LONG-LASTING CHANGES AND SEE WONDERFUL RESULTS.
Common misconceptions about Hypnosis:
1) You can be hypnotized and do things against your will:
Note that in Hypnosis, “…the subject is in a state of altered consciousness and responds, with certain limitations, to the suggestions of the hypnotist” & “Hypnotherapy induces the trance state of heightened receptivity, and offers direct or indirect suggestions to the unconscious, which it may or may not accept.” The simple fact is that although you subdue the critical censor and speak almost directly to the subconscious mind, people will not respond to suggestions that are against their most deeply held moral beliefs. For example, some people are frightened that whilst they are unconscious (they’re not unconscious – see below), they might be taken advantage of sexually or in some other way, but they are at all times conscious and aware and in control of what is happening. Any attempt to force them to do something against their strongly held beliefs will result in them coming out of hypnosis immediately. People will not do under hypnosis something that they wouldn’t readily do whilst in their normal state of consciousness. 
2) Under hypnosis you are unconscious:
This is not the case. Hypnosis is an altered state of mind in which the subject is in a state similar to daydreaming. They are at all times conscious and aware and in control of what is happening to them, and can come out of hypnosis anytime that they choose. 
3) Only weak minded people can be hypnotized:
The opposite is true. Generally more intelligent people are easier to hypnotize, possibly because they have a greater ability to inwardly visualize and not be distracted by other thoughts
4) You can get stuck in Hypnosis:
This is impossible. If, for example, the hypnotist dropped dead after inducing the trance the subject would either come out of hypnosis by themselves or drift off to sleep. 
5) You can be made to reveal embarrassing secrets:
This is false for the reasons given above. The subject is aware of what is happening and can not be forced to do things against their will. 
6) If you can hear the Hypnotist you weren’t hypnotised :
People experience hypnosis in different ways. Hearing and remembering what the hypnotist said to you is completely natural, hypnosis is not sleep, it is an altered state of consciousness. Although your subject may not have felt hypnotised, the hypnotist can usually visually see the physical changes, and of course the subjects modified behaviour is the ultimate proof.You really need to dispel these myths with your subject to remove resistance to being hypnotised. This also helps to explain what your subject can expect to experience and also gains their trust and permission.
7.) Hypnosis is for only emotionally or financially wrecked people:
I, every now and then, encounter a curious person who really wants to learn hypnosis but often feels that if they are not emotionally wrecked or in a bad place that they don’t need hypnosis. Well, that is completely false. Hypnosis is of great value no matter what state of mind and beingness you find yourself.
Hypnosis is used by world’s leading experts in their field to, even more, increase their already present excellence and keep it sustained, consistent and stable.  The likes of David Beckham, Adele, Albert Einstein, Bruce Willis, Ellen Degeneres, Britney Spears, Fergie, Henry Ford, Matt Damon, Mozart, Nikola Tesla and many more have used hypnosis in immensely valuable ways in their respective lives despite their great heights of success!
Perhaps it is just a burst of creativity you need or some new ideas…..or perhaps some harmless deep relaxation. HYPNOSIS IS EXACTLY What You NEED.

My full name is Ejiro Paul Ogbodu. I am based in Port-Harcourt. My phone number is +2349025451531, you can reach me with it on WhatsApp too. I use hypnosis to help people: 1.) Quit Smoking 2.) Get over depression 3.) Heal emotionally (also get rid of emotional pain) 4.) Get rid of fears, stress and anxiety 5.) Build CORE self-confidence 6.) Get motivation to Lose weight (motivation to exercise and eat right) 

I charge 100dollars per session.
* I also teach hypnosis

Editor’s Note: He is believable. I find him and his ‘new’ art of diagnosis in this field quite helpful. He assured me in our chat that he doesn’t use Hypnosis for any other thing other than ones already stated by him.


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