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Question And Answer Session – Be A Woman

Divorce And Marriage

Question And Answer Session – Be A Woman

admin February 2, 2019

Dear Aj,

I can see you are good at wriggling out of tough questions with your smart savvy answers. But to be honest, I had to slap my younger sister today in the morning when she told me in stern looks to “be a man”.

I found those words offensive. Now my question is this, can a woman be told to “be a woman”?


Funny enough I really don’t know what to make about your intro. Whether it be a compliment or something less, but all the same, no offense taken.

First of all, a woman is not wired to see herself as operating in an environment of pressure. Unfortunately for you and I, we must show off our masculinity by wading through pressure. Such a line can only be used on a woman only when she is wayward and irresponsible. As in, she’s married and not good at keeping home, looking after the children etc., but chooses to be swinging her hips for a good lay outside her husband’s loins. Her fellow women would be the ones to pounce on her with that cruel line many guys these days find offensive.


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