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Question And Answer Session- How Do You Weigh Love?


Question And Answer Session- How Do You Weigh Love?

admin February 1, 2019

It is that Season around the corner again. Thank God that January didn’t get to day 42 this year. I tell you, this year 2019 holds a lot of promises for us all. Good ones I dare add.

So, a friend was in a conversation with me and wanted to know what to say to his girl friend when it is time to so do. 14th of February is already here, you know!

He asked me how love can be weighed. I buy her sexy lingerie which is quite expensive and she buys me the ubiquitous boxers. No matter what else I buy her, she ‘settles’ me in bed like its not ‘two-fighting’ we are doing even when oyibo have put it like this – it takes two to tango.


I believe that the giver feels much better giving than receiving. That’s how I see it. Some people wouldn’t even want anything in return from their boos. Just be loving and beautiful is all they want from their baes.

Love cannot be weighed neither can it be quantified as it is a feeling that is powered by our invincible emotions.



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