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Question And Answer Session – Which Is More Paramount: Love Or Will Of God?


Question And Answer Session – Which Is More Paramount: Love Or Will Of God?

admin February 25, 2019

Dear Aj,

I’ll like to know your answer to this nagging and confusing question. Which is more important, the love you have for your partner or the will of God?

I’m still courting my partner and we are about to get much serious by settling down this coming Easter.


I want to believe that the will of God concerning your future as a married woman is pure and as such, God’s will and your love for your partner are interwoven. Same.

God is love and the love I’m talking about here is the agape love which gifted us with this love that becomes romanticized. Though sometimes in our part of the world, people interpret their pastor’s will to be same as the will of God, that is what brings about future ground for disappointment and resentment spouses betray for one another. Therefore, to be sure God’s will is maintained, you will have to pray by yourself to God to bless you with the conviction that who you are about to walk down the aisle is yours bearing in mind that no human being is perfect.


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