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Teach Your Children These Virtues And You Have Taught Them Everything

Child Upbringing

Teach Your Children These Virtues And You Have Taught Them Everything

admin February 26, 2019

I woke up to the mind-boggling and saddening news of the manner in which the Senior Prefect of Modebe Memorial Secondary School in Onitsha, Master Chukwuebuka Azubuike, lost his 18 year old life under circumstances strange and downright annoying. A junior student whom he caught watching pornography on his handset during school hours lost his mind and gave him a blow on his neck and he couldn’t ever return to his mother’s love anymore.

Yes, you guessed right. The junior student resisted Chukwuebuka’s use of cane on him as deemed proper a tool of correction in most schools in Anambra state by both students and the teachers. Every student trembled in my own time at the sight of the Senior Prefect. What then has gone wrong with this generation?

I pray God to welcome Chukwuebuka with the love he just lost here on earth. What do I say to his family? Oh God! Such a cute promising child! #tears

Guess I reserve a right to go sentimental once in a while and be part of this society and not cut the picture of a peacock of a writer and social influencer? Yes!

There are few virtues you must teach your children before they leave home for secondary education. Here we go;

1 Correct them out of love with cane so that when they get to that age, they will not find flogging as a means of bad virtue correction very unpardonable.

2 Teach them to reign-in on their emotions especially the emotion of anger which could cause a child of about thirteen to spirit out and take a life he doesn’t know how it came about.

3 Also teach them and see to it that it gets imbibed by them the virtue of humility. When your child is humble, he betrays regards for those in authority.

4 Do your utmost best to correct your child whenever he/she goes off rail. You can use cane or threat as a mother to report him to his father and always make extra effort to instill fear of man and God in him as the father and head of your family who succeeds God in the life of your family as the Bishop – God’s representative in the lives of your family members – of your family.

Any child that did not grow up under the wings of a man will have to tough-it out understanding the reason why God involves a father figure in the lives of all. He will never have respect for a fellow man and heaven help you when you fall within his age bracket like the situation cited above.

Note: This first appeared last year on defunct The Way We Are blog


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