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The Raging Battle Between Who You Are And Who You Pretend To Be

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The Raging Battle Between Who You Are And Who You Pretend To Be

admin February 23, 2019

In my study of human behaviours overtime, I have come to the realization and understanding that most human beings go about with the other self. This other self is mostly who we are and who we are most conversant with when it comes to truly looking into who we are as individuals. This other self is also called the alter ego. Then the other self on the other hand is the one we pretend to be to the outside world. A façade that makes us look like poor imitation of some other person whom we are not and will never be. Leading a life of falsehood makes it hard and difficult for us to attain a height we are envious of and going about it the wrong way.

Take a look at the lives of musicians for an example, some of them are so broke but they will always come up on Instagram to boast to the world that they are still rolling in top dollar. This is a life of lies. A life that you are portraying to the world that you wished belongs to you but which does not belong to you. It is a life of falsehood. The life of the other self. People are mostly interested in dealing with you for who you are. Sometimes, because you are a public commodity and a brand, you will learn to separate your true self from your business self. Having the knowledge of pulling off this separation makes you genuine and secured in your dealings with fellow human beings. Within the life of business, you can afford to be plain straight.

To your real self, you remain faithful but give cold shoulders to your other self of pretences. The conflict this lifestyle breeds within you makes you live by tailspin. Within you, you know you are a liar, but your pride and ego would not let you come clean and make the world see you for who you are.

When you are always pushing your fake life and lifestyle to others, they see through you because success they say is like pregnancy. It is never hidden. For you to escape the claws of pretentious self, you will have to listen to your alter ego which tells you the home truth when you want to embark on an ego trip that will portray your fake self instead of your real self.

It is a fierce battle that rages on the inside but tells on the outside when someone is leading a life of pretences. The bottom-line is that you should learn to be truthful to yourself at all time and in every situation life has handed down to you.

Always imbibe this fact of life. There is no way you can have everything there is in life. You must have some and not have some. Life in this regard is not a winner-takes-all win-win situation. Show me a man who has excelled in everything he embarked on and I will tell you a man who has won some and lost some. Only difference is that he never claimed to have won where he lost. He celebrates his successes and learns from his failures.


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