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Why Men Make Better Cooks Than Women

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Why Men Make Better Cooks Than Women

admin February 13, 2019

Fact is, I follow what I have observed as a trend over the years gone by. In most of these international cooking competitions, always all the time, men end up clinching the coveted prize, leaving the women who always boast about their culinary expertise looking like poor dear cousin.

This brought me to going to town to find out exactly why this supposed abnormality has become the norm. It might interest you to know that yours sincerely @ AJ Blog (the blog for today’s people) is a great cook. Yes, I know it because even my mother attested to that. #rollsmyeyes

Good Lord! The answer one friend who operates a restaurant on Lagos Island gave to me is quite shocking but truthful to say the least.

This is what he says about this disturbing trend and inequality in the battle of sexes in the kitchen:

Go figure that. End of discussion!

“Women are not early starters you know! Adam started before Eve.”


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