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Why Your Man Prefers The Bar To Your Company (Strictly For Women)

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Why Your Man Prefers The Bar To Your Company (Strictly For Women)

admin February 13, 2019

Women are man’s best company, but that is where the problem started. Because your man is willing to keep the peace on home front, some women have acquired this self-injurious appetite for making the man appear second-rated under his own roof. Yes, the roof is supposed to belong to both the man and his wife, but this particular kind of woman uses her God-given talents to subdue the man and make his needs secondary – secondary in the sense that when it comes to your dealing and handling of your husband as a wife, his needs must become paramount. Your husband’s needs must as a matter of commonsense come as your primary concern.

Every woman who understands life’s pecking order on marriage will agree with me that when you make your husband your king that you have succeeded in making yourself his queen. Man is a give-and-take kind of being. When you are investing in him, you are investing in yourself even though it appears selfish, but that is how this operates. Every man wants the world to know his wife is his queen, but when a woman upsets the apple cart, the man may well tell the world while intoxicated and boast at the bar how wonderful his wife is, but you will never see him put such claim to action. The notion or idea of taking his wife out to any social place of interest is the last thing on his mind. You as a woman and his wife brought it on yourself. Whenever you complain that he doesn’t take you to any of his social stuff of life, he’ll always give you a thousand and one reasons why your company is better reserved for the time on bed while making love or tolerating the crash of bodies in bed. He loathes you but is too crafty to open up to you. Heaven help you he opens up to you but you lack the understanding of grasping his drift, there becomes the Golgotha of your social life in the life of your husband.

Whenever he closes from work, he would first of all make a drop at any of his preferred hangout joints/bars and pay obeisance to those smart gold-digging female attendants at such environments. Sooner than later, you’ll run to your pastor to complain bitterly about how your husband has brought in a strange woman between the love you two share. Love ko love ni!

What love are you talking about? The love that doesn’t take cognizance of the fact that because you never let him enjoy the on-going football tournaments on DSTV at home because you’ll rather watch Dangaar on Zeeworld or even Twist of Fate at home with kids – your favorite excuse for denying your man a space beside you – this man ends up in a bar and ends up running into all kinds of temptations and falling for some, my dear woman and sister, you alone is responsible for what has become of this once loving marriage.

Learn to make your man have more than football reason to hangout at home with you and the kids.


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