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How I Shocked My Husband Out Of His Adulterous Life

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How I Shocked My Husband Out Of His Adulterous Life

admin March 9, 2019

Being a woman could be the worst challenge in this life. Seeing that we live in a patriarchal society, a woman is the least of a patriarchal man’s worries. You are there to help maintain his lineage and keep the society as more patriarchal than you met it as a woman. Yet, we wives and mothers are helpless here. We really don’t know how to raise male children whose only reason they cheer us is the confession of their love for us through their actions and inactions which are not enough to assure us that when they come of age that they would not be worse than their fathers in this intimidating profile they have running in their DNA as traditionalists in modern garbs of trendy fashion and toned of manner-of speech delivery.

I’m actually a woman of deep thought-process. I take out time to dwell on issues sailing along me in this outing we call life and living. My life as a wife who does everything for her husband to keep him from running around town like a he-goat on heat has proved nothing and achieved me worse heartbreaks seeing how disrespectful my husband is about his philandering nature. My heart has been broken into smithereens a thousand times and then I stopped counting and started praying and casting mind on how best to solve this matter that has turned me into a laughing stock. I had fought and ended up beaten silly many number of times by mu husband. I can’t remember the number of times I saw myself fighting with his numerous concubines of which some are also fellow married women. The cheek of it all! Nothing hurts like having the knowledge of your husband’s malfeasance and as a helping on the cake; he ends up doing it with all your friends that you now move like a moron on an island without friends.

My husband is every woman’s dream. Six feet and two inches of firm muscles on a thirty-five year old young man with a second generation bank with a face that Michelangelo would definitely prefer drawing on a canvass if he were to be alive today.

We had met in the university – at the University of Port Harcourt. He was in third year while I was a fresher. As green as I was about relationships, when he wooed me, I fell in a heap and gave up my virginity to him. My shining prince in some groovy armour. He is a man in bed and I saw myself trying to catch up with him as he taught me how to tame him in bed. By my second year, I ended up being turned into some tigress. I made a silent vow to end up his wife. There’s no woman would dare call Frank a fling not after he must have made her orgasm for the first time in her life and not just such an orgiastic experience it was for me, Frank knew how to make a woman experience multiple orgasm.

I’m sorry for deviating Aj, but Frank is the love of my life till next life. I love him so much it hurts seeing him squandering our commonwealth on so many loose women that I fear he would contract HIV and infect me too. With two children, and another on the way, I felt I have matured and decided to seek God’s face and solution for my clear and present issue of life which at some point landed me high blood pressure.

It was my reverend parish priest that counseled me to overlook Frank and look up to Jesus even in my situation. The one that got to me the most was the day I was driving back from church after the Midweek prayer session only to run into him at one popular junction with a colleague of his whom I have from my CID moves around Frank had come to realize that they are more than colleagues to each other. Frank looked the other way why we all waited for the traffic light to pass us. My skin got grated on its own by that alone.

Frank had asked me to give it to him in one of the craziest sex positions that gets him high in record time to which I lovingly refused by suggesting a fellatio on him as I was in my trimester and suffering from the health implications. It has always been a surprise to me how I have not had a miscarriage as a result of all the shameful positions I put up with Frank while pregnant.   

In my anger, I decided to make a stop in my sister’s house as she was sick and couldn’t go to work. I unburdened my heart to her and she did her big sister thing of consoling me and begging me to not cast mind on Frank’s many scandalous atrocities.

On driving home, I realized that Frank’s car is parked in one of the slots reserved us in front of the duplex we are occupying. I was alarmed, but I uttered a silent prayer to God to strengthen me. When I entered the sitting room downstairs, there was no trace of Frank. I fetched a glass of juice from the refrigerator and made myself comfortable while waiting for Frank to come out or come downstairs. After about ten minutes, I saw myself drift off and fell asleep. On waking up after some ten minutes or thereabouts, I became alarmed that Frank hadn’t come downstairs.

I decided to find out what he was up. I gathered my strength and climbed upstairs. The door to our guest room was ajar and all I could hear was Frank moaning like a crazed hyena. My heart did a topsy-turvy stuff on me and I saw myself falling down. But God came to my rescue, I felt the wall while falling down and that stabilized me. Something came to my mind. It was the most annoying thing ever any woman should be put through, but when I refused to heed this advice, it kept on getting to me. I saw myself going downstairs. To the kitchen I ended up.

While at it, all I saw myself doing was talking to God in my tears with slimy phlegm coming out of my tears-beaten nose.

I was by the dining table setting up the table with such delicious meal of okazi soup and semo swallow when Frank and his vivaciously beautiful looking female colleague descended. Thankful enough, I had greatly calmed down and looking my normal self.

“Sweetheart, I drove in to see that you were back and I decided to prepare this okazi soup for you. Mind if you come take a bite before rushing back to your office?” I had addressed only my husband like the fleabag wasn’t beside him. “The audacity of a home breaker! It would not work for you daughter of jezebel!” I had muttered under my breath.

Yes, I purposely forgot to add that Frank never wanted me to leave home for the Midweek service of our church to which he hardly attends. But I needed help having seen and heard how God liberated women in such abusive marriages like me. Frank had insisted that I remain a housewife even with my second-class upper degree in Banking and Finance. My going to church is my only way of rebelling against Frank and his restless testosterone and raging manhood.

Frank got struck by something and he froze with his left hand on the staircase. His knuckles flared up while he kept looking at me fixedly like he was seeing me again after a long time. No! More like he was looking at a ghost. Then his female colleague of slutty audacity saw the look on him and overtook him and ran out of our house. I calmly walked up to him and led him by hands to the table already set and made him to sit down.

He was like someone in a trance. Then he slid off the seat and went on his knees and started crying. No! He started wailing that I feared that had it been neighbours had not gone to work that some of them would’ve ran in to find out what the matter was. I moved to the door and locked it and went to stand beside a contrite Frank.

He sought my hands and looked into my eyes and profusely begged for my forgiveness. Say what! I forgave him. Me that doesn’t have a heart!

Today, Frank has gone back to his personality of our university days. There is nothing God cannot do. My third child and first daughter would be due in two month’s time.

Join me in thanking God by putting this up on your blog Aj. And may God continue to bless you for being of help!


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