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This Is The Best Way To Ventilate Yourself When Frustrated

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This Is The Best Way To Ventilate Yourself When Frustrated

admin March 11, 2019

Our society is becoming more and more toxic with toxic femininity and masculinity besieging our mindset whenever we set our sight on anyone and anything trending.

People that you have been of help with a tissue paper to the toilet to clean up after would use this same tissue paper, but instead of flushing it down the trough would now walk out of the toilet armed with the used tissue paper and throw it into your face in place of appreciation. Forgive the absurd picture painted here.

Nigerians nowadays seem to live to do bad by themselves. No one is interested in being the good one. It is all part of the fad culture of being WOKE. Ignorance has made people read WOKE to mean all kinds of BAD.

And now you that is at the receiving end of their inanities and oddities, you want to betray the fact that you have had it up your neck, you then decide to join in the nasty fray.

Yes, join in the fray, but don’t get nasty. Always allow wisdom to guide you as that would make you not to be heartbroken seeing that you are such an emotional wreck after every fight such toxic peeps get you into.

Wisdom is big deal here. Pray for it if you don’t have it in you already. It saves you a lot of pains. Especially needless pains.

Also pick up books that relax you to shew away petals of human toxicity from your life.

As for me, I pray to God to calm me down like I’ve got water inside my mouth while this toxic being is acting up. And when s/he is done, I go in and listen to some good music.

But sometimes, I let the handle fly and say my mind so this toxic being will know that there are boundaries s/he must not cross with me.

The above suggestions and approaches all work for me. Therefore, choose those that will work for you and live a life of peace of mind and you will earn a glowing skin that calls you HEALTHY.


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