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This Is What Life Is


This Is What Life Is

admin March 29, 2019

Life is like a game of football. Soccer to some, such a delightful game to many.

There are many players in the field of play none playing exact same wing like the other. Even one’s like on the other side playing like another is seen as an opponent.

In the field of play, there are two sides bearing goal post individually. This goal post (your life) is your responsibility to defend. You must belong with one side for you to qualify to play out your dexterity with the round leather ball in the field of play with its many rules that earn one certain punishment commensurate with his offense.

Whichever side you belong with, you must see the other side as your opposition even when your best friend or family is with the opposition, but not necessarily as an enemy.

It is such a strange twist, this life. The unseen referee has the power to change one from one side of the field of play to the other side. No one queries his authority over all things pertaining to rules of engagement in the field of play. This unseen referee always plays his wild card for them who play alongside what Psalm 14:1 makes clear.

On the other hand, those on the other side can backslide like the Prodigal Son did, but with the Referee, there is grace of second chance.

Such a mixed grill, right? Yes! But don’t take it with mixed feelings. Life is what it is and you can’t change it from your perspective and understanding. In your best interest, always don’t forsake the activity you are part of inside the field of play simply because some spectators are on their feet chanting your praise. Pride will blind you and your opponent will steal your joy. Sometimes, the spectators would be hauling verbal abuses your way over either good or bad style of play, don’t stop and send some back at them. When a dog barks at you, you don’t stop to bark back at it. Focus should be your watchword. 

Your surest bet in life in this field of play is to let God rule in your life despite the rough and hard tackles from your opponents. Always have it in mind that the Referee is aware of your challenges in the field of play and would do all to safeguard your existence while the play lasted.


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