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This Is What LOVE And RESPECT Share In Common (A Must Read)

Divorce And Marriage Relationships

This Is What LOVE And RESPECT Share In Common (A Must Read)

admin March 12, 2019

Love thrives only where there is respect. This respect becomes mutual of course!

Absence of respect brings forth forbearance and tolerance which can lead to resentment over time. Resentment nurtures all the feelings that birth divorce. This divorce could be emotionally implemented or legally backed.

When love is lost, distrust creeps in on all, and the center becomes shaky. And you know what happens over time when the center shakes for a long time! The emotional structures of our relationships will collapse. When the structure of our relationship(s) must have collapsed, LOVE dies and destinies remain largely unfulfilled because the power horse of our relationship – RESPECT – has been scorned.

Respect despises disrespect but thrives on love. This love kisses respect with mutual understanding on daily basis and on and on they live happily ever after.


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