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Letter To PRIDE (A Poem)

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Letter To PRIDE (A Poem)

admin April 8, 2019

By Aj Ugo Okeke

Pride! How many times have I called you out here!

You are a very bad attribute for any human to carry in them.

You are such a burdensome smell that invites destruction like a heady fly to a smelly corpse into the grave of no return.

You ensnare your victims in such subtlety of swinging waist like the harlot of Lagos bearing professional smiles that are communicating only instant destruction on the parched road to destruction that is smeared with the mirage picture of funfest.

Such deceitful event that you are!

You live in human beings like you molded them. Innate bluffer like you!

A little praise to an unsuspecting heart from diehard praise singers over blurred achievement,

And in that moment of vulnerability, you perch on this unfortunate soul’s mind’s throne.

The end result becomes harsh realities of this unlucky fellow suffering through life with the misbegotten consequences.

I need not your thin proboscis in me or in any of my darlings,

Stay the heck away from us for you are a nasty entanglement.


#Instahumility #GodlovestheHumble


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